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Nowadays, nothing's for free, or at least so it feels. But that's not true. There's a lot of things we can do for free, for example hanging with friends, take a long walk, talk to someone or as I have done, enjoy our amazing nature. I admit, my camera was expensive but...all the things I capture on picture is avaliable live...just open your eyes and it's right in front of you.
Money doesn't make us happy.  Or, money doesn't make us happier...happiness comes from the inside and has nothing to do with money and expensive things. Remember that and you'll be a rich person.


Postat av: Yen

Soo true! Love your post and so are your photos!:)

2008-02-16 @ 11:27:10
Postat av: Little Peanut

Beautiful photos! Happy Weekend:)

2008-02-16 @ 11:27:48
Postat av: mistyeiz

WOW!! such great shots!!! thanks for sharing. :)

Postat av: Hootin' Anni

Beautiful photos!!!!

My 'free' photo is shared...come by and visit ---it's there for your viewing, for 'free'.
Oops, no I guess not --it's costing money to use the computer of yours and being online.
Oh well, stop by for a visit, if you can!!!

2008-02-16 @ 11:52:43
Postat av: Jessan

Åh, det är ju så sant, naturen är ju helt gratis att njuta av=) Tack Sverige för allemansrätten! Fina bilder förövrigt.
Tror att jag lyckas lista ut att du är från umeå? Kul! Ska dit i dag och hälsa på Gumman min=)

2008-02-16 @ 12:04:35
Postat av: TorAa Music

Your comment is with deep understanding of what really matters. Thanks for sharing.

2008-02-16 @ 12:13:24
Postat av: Dragonheart & Merlin

Beautiful photos!
Nature is indeed free. :)

2008-02-16 @ 12:46:17
Postat av: Chikai

wow! these are great shots. the morning dew is captured perfectly. ;)

hope you can check out my entries when you have the time. it's here, here, here, and here. thanks! :)

2008-02-16 @ 13:16:39
Postat av: Lynn

I can only agree with you. The best things in life are free so to speak.

2008-02-16 @ 13:28:26
Postat av: sarge charlie

this is a very thoughtful post

2008-02-16 @ 14:38:14
Postat av: heather

Beautiful and very true.

2008-02-16 @ 16:00:21
Postat av: Sanni

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us. You´re very creative. Keep t up ;-)

Trevlig Helg!

2008-02-16 @ 16:32:27
Postat av: Dragonstar

You are so right.
All that beauty comes to us free.
Lovely photos.

2008-02-16 @ 18:06:27
Postat av: mommy's little corner

So true! I liked your composition. Happy weekend.

2008-02-16 @ 18:38:19
Postat av: a simple life

Great shots. And you're right, the best things in life are free. Happy hunting.

2008-02-16 @ 18:39:50
Postat av: katney

I love visiting your photos.

2008-02-16 @ 19:27:01
Postat av: Randi

Så sant - och det får vi inte glömma!
Ljuvliga bilder som jag njuter av!
Kram Randi

2008-02-16 @ 19:38:36
Postat av: denz

wow! you have a very nice picture and I love the way you put consistency of the picture, indeed that is a great post for this week theme! keep it up!!!

check mine:
Have a great Weekend!!!

2008-02-17 @ 06:09:32

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