photohunt: heavy.

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Left picture taken by me, and the right picture taken by Petra.

Last summer me and my best friend Petra went mountainclimbing in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. Our primary adventure was to ascend Galdhöpiggen, the highest mountain of North Europe but we had a lot a time to explore Norway and it's amazing nature. These pictures were taken during a two-day "walk" (read: climbing!) on Besseggen (the sharp mountain crest behind my back). Our bags were heavy loaded with food, clothes, tent and it's belongings, fishingequipment, cameras and so on. However, none of us complained and it really was an amazing trip!

Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matt 11:28


Postat av: Dianne

Your poor backs! Two days of walking-wow! I've never been backpacking, so I appreciate your share.

2008-02-09 @ 18:01:04
Postat av: Gizelle

Looks really heavy! Great choice for the theme! Guten Abend (same here in vienna!)

Postat av: Claudia

Wow, it is truly heavy when you have to carry it yourself.
Good for youl

2008-02-09 @ 18:30:48
Postat av: Jan Parrish

That sounds like a great trip. I am of Norwegian descent but have never been there. Beautiful photo's.

2008-02-09 @ 18:32:41
Postat av: SuzanneSays...

Great pictures and choice for this week's theme! Mine's up, too.

Postat av: a simple life

Perfect for heavy! Happy hunting.

2008-02-09 @ 20:40:23
Postat av: mommy's little corner

Those look really heavy. Great choice.

2008-02-09 @ 20:41:20
Postat av: Yen

Definitely heavy! Awesome pics too:)

2008-02-09 @ 21:13:18
Postat av: Randi

Ja, det känns verkligen tungt - i alla de första dagarna. Fint fångat!

2008-02-10 @ 10:02:01
Postat av: Dragonstar

Those packs are very heavy!
You must have felt so feather-light when you took them off.
Lovely photos.

2008-02-10 @ 12:54:05
Postat av: katney

I look at your heavy packs and think about the ones we borrowed from our daughter and son-in-law over a year ago. We did not use them last summer and their owners did not miss them. What does that tell you? But this summer we will definitely do at least a couple of days on the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.

2008-02-10 @ 16:16:02

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