photohunt: water.

I just have to publish two waterpictures. The first one is taken in Shek O, Hong Kong last summer. The beach was so beautiful, the weather was perfect and all you could hear was the water coming in, the wind in the trees, birds in the sky and a local man sitting on a bench whistleing (?) out loud. He didn't mind and neather did we :)

The second picture kind of speeks for it self. Teija, the cutest dog ever, just loves water. She would do this forever if we'd let her :) Teija belongs to my brothers girlfriend, and we went down to my parents lake to let her play with a ball. What she radiates when she's in the water is pure happiness.

Postat av: June

Two good shots! I can imagine the serenity in the first one and the joy in the second one :-) Thanks for stopping by Spatter...

2008-06-21 @ 14:06:01
Postat av: mistyeiz

love the 2nd pix. :) so cute!!

Postat av: snap Catch

Perfect catch for this week theme! mine’s up too hope you can drop by… Happy weekend!

2008-06-21 @ 15:48:39
Postat av: Secret Agent Mama

I love the doggy one!!

2008-06-21 @ 19:05:27
Postat av: merrymishaps

Great photos, especially the dog. Great capture!

2008-06-21 @ 23:03:07
Postat av: TorAa Mirror

What a small World.

Here I did find a "Swedish" blog and what then:

See what I mean?

We do have some very good bloggerfriends in Sweden, we actually did meet at Fårö last year.

Have a nice Summer (it seems to return again in the Days to come - hurray - we need it - thinking about last years Green Winter)

2008-06-29 @ 02:46:08

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