photohunt: blue.

You're just so beautiful in blue.

photohunt: bright.

The bright sun is desperately trying to bring some warmth into the cold winterday.
Days like this makes me wanna smile and I feel so lucky that I have the chance to experience a nature like this.

photohunt: water.

I just have to publish two waterpictures. The first one is taken in Shek O, Hong Kong last summer. The beach was so beautiful, the weather was perfect and all you could hear was the water coming in, the wind in the trees, birds in the sky and a local man sitting on a bench whistleing (?) out loud. He didn't mind and neather did we :)

The second picture kind of speeks for it self. Teija, the cutest dog ever, just loves water. She would do this forever if we'd let her :) Teija belongs to my brothers girlfriend, and we went down to my parents lake to let her play with a ball. What she radiates when she's in the water is pure happiness.

photohunt: emotion(s).

(foto: Kajsa)

The swedish singer songwriter Lars Winnerbäck.
This my friends is emotions, big emotions! :)

photohunt: bad hair.

Bad hairday, great company and wonderful mood.
Can you do anything else beside smiling when you wake up and this is the first things you see? :)

photohunt: shoes.


Walk a mile in my shoes
just walk a mile in my shoes
Before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Then walk a mile in my shoes


photohunt: candy.


Looks kind of tasty doesn't it? Just like those round marmeladecandies with sugar that my grandma loves.


photohunt: high.


One thing my sweet friend Petra can't resist is a high tree with thick and many branches. I caught her in action one lovely day, looking out on the open spaces. Some things never get boring no matter how old you get :)


photohunt: metal.


An old rusty ironthing I found yesterday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sky was blue and it was the perfect day for a phototrip. I love taking pictures at old rusty things though I don't really know what it is I like about them. Maybe it's the color...or the structure. What do you think?


photohunt: i spy.


I spy...a cat, can you see it?
Just doing its morning ablution, quite unaware of the public place and the fact that cats normally doesn't like open places. The coolest cat I've ever seen! It teaches me that we don't have to do what we're expected to do, just because everyone else have done it. We're all free to do just the way we like it!


photohunt: wooden.

image468  image469

This is, according to my swe-eng dictionary a "kick-sled", in swedish it's called a "kick" :)
Don't know if you all have seen and used one before. It's made of wood and iron, as you can see (nowadays it's probably made of plastic to, but the old ones looks like this). Can only be used on snow and ice which means not very often nowadays, with our "warm" and non-snowie winters. If you love your kick and are a bit ingenious you can place wheels on the runners and voila, you can use it all year long :)


photohunt: free.

image451  image452


image454  image455

Nowadays, nothing's for free, or at least so it feels. But that's not true. There's a lot of things we can do for free, for example hanging with friends, take a long walk, talk to someone or as I have done, enjoy our amazing nature. I admit, my camera was expensive but...all the things I capture on picture is avaliable live...just open your eyes and it's right in front of you.
Money doesn't make us happy.  Or, money doesn't make us happier...happiness comes from the inside and has nothing to do with money and expensive things. Remember that and you'll be a rich person.


photohunt: heavy.

image430 image432
Left picture taken by me, and the right picture taken by Petra.

Last summer me and my best friend Petra went mountainclimbing in Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. Our primary adventure was to ascend Galdhöpiggen, the highest mountain of North Europe but we had a lot a time to explore Norway and it's amazing nature. These pictures were taken during a two-day "walk" (read: climbing!) on Besseggen (the sharp mountain crest behind my back). Our bags were heavy loaded with food, clothes, tent and it's belongings, fishingequipment, cameras and so on. However, none of us complained and it really was an amazing trip!

Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matt 11:28


photohunt: narrow.

image419  image417
people, people everywhere...

image421  image416
not even the birds had enought space...

Hong Kong is intense! After spending a week there you're almost getting used to the pace and all the people everywhere but the first two days was just chaotic :)

But, Hong Kong isn't just all about intense, lots of people and less space. For example, Shek-O on the south side of Hong Kong Island is quiet, harmonic and it has a wonderful nature with refreshing winds and waves from the South China Sea. The perfect place for recovery. Unfortunately I have to publish those pictures during a more proper theme :)


photohunt: old-fashioned.

image413 image414


Tänk ändå...hur det var förr i tiden.
Det är lätt att försköna verkligheten genom bilder på handgjorda redskap, fotogenlampor med romantiskt sken och gårdar i vackra naturlandskap. Det är svårare att tänka sej in i en iskall vinter utan täckjacka, långa avstånd till nästa gård, ett kök utan kyl och frys eller hårt, fysiskt arbete från morgon till kväll utan ob-tillägg eller fruktkorg.

Lev i nuet, men förakta inte det som varit.
Tänk på alla de människor som gått före dej. De lade grunden till allt vi kan idag.


photohunt: important.

En viktig sak här i livet som man absolut inte ska missa är kärlek, i alla dess former.
Det behövs så lite för att förgylla någons dag så mycket.
Ett sms, en komplimang, ett besök, en kram eller ett leende.
Allt bottnar i kärlek till andra.
Gör någon glad idag. Det är viktigt.


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